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Type V170 Cavicloser

Available in 2 variations

Eight Width Range Contract Closer

  • Cavity range 100mm to 170mm
  • Acts as a vertical DPC
  • Closes and insulates reveal
  • Cost-effective contract closer for wide cavities
£13.63 + VAT
£19.47 + VAT



Based on the Type V design this model is for use in cavities from 100mm to 170mm. The Type V170 is a one-part closer with faceplate featuring anti-capillary fins and a frame-interfacing flexible gasket.

The faceplate overlays inner and outer skins between which the insulation core is retained within an integral securing jaw with side moulded apertures that receive the securing ties from both skins. The faceplate and gasket permit a choice of frame positions within compliant parameters making this a versatile contract closer for use in wider cavities.

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