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Strip Soffit Ventilator

Available in 2 variations
  • Almost identical to SSV10
  • Only 1,000 strips
  • Perfect with numerous stained and natural timbers.
£1.00 + VAT
£20.00 + VAT


PSV Strip Soffit Ventilator in 2400mm lengths.

This ventilator strip has an airflow rating of 10,000mm² per metre and is almost identical to SSV10.
We have secured just 1,000 strips in boxes each containing 20 number lengths.
The strip colour is caramel brown – lighter than conventional nut brown but perfect with numerous stained and natural timbers.
Offered on a first-come-first served basis in complete boxes only,  at the fantastic price of just £20 per box.

Plastic Strip Soffit Ventilator Strip Plastic Strip Soffit Ventilator Strip
£30.00 + VAT
Strip Soffit Venting Strip Data: Airflow rating 10,800mm2 Length 2400mm UPVC Colours: White, black, brown Box Quantity...
Circular Soffit Vent (Recessed Style) Circular Soffit Vent (Recessed Style)
£5.00 + VAT
Circular Soffit Vent (recessed style) Data: Requires 70mm Hole Polypropylene Colours: Brown or Black High free airflow rating...
Breather Membrane High Performance Breather Membrane High Performance
£10.00 + VAT
Breather Membrane High Performance Size: 1m x 50m Roll High Quality Roll weight: Up to 9kgs
Eaves Comb Filler Eaves Comb Filler
£5.00 + VAT
Eaves Comb Filler 1metre length Size: 1000mm x 55mm Colours: Black Box Quantity: 20 number End of line. hublot replica watches