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Gas Reception Sump

Available in 1 variation

Gas Reception Sump

  • Robust moulded polypropylene
  • One-piece easy placement
  • Passive or active extraction
  • interconnecting facility
£69.42 + VAT



The radon sump is a moulded vessel with inhalation apertures that is located under a building. its purpose is to reduce Radon gas pressure by receiving and routing the gas via an outlet pipe to the exterior where it discharges.


Moulded from polypropylene, the Radon Sump may be located within the granular fill underneath a building footprint . It is normally suitable for use where the ground is capped - a concrete ground bearing slab being an example. it is inappropriate for timber floors laid over soil or natural loose stone fill unless work is first carried out to cap over.

The sump can be installed to function either passively or actively. A passive sump relies on the natural stack effect to draw the radon whereas with an appropriate electric fan incorporated along the exterior outlet pipe the system can actively extract. Passive extraction is less effective than active extraction.

One Radon sump is intended for use and is generally sufficient for typical dwelling. A granular area of up to 250 square metres but at no point more than 9 metres radius from the sump can be serviced but performance will be affected by ground conditions, sump location, building footprint shape and layout, obstructions etc. The effectiveness of any installation is an unknown and sumps should be considered as a means of reducing pressure under the building only to provide marginal reduction. Accompanying measures to prevent Radon from entering the building envelope should be incorporated. Additional sumps can be interconnected using the integrally moulded pothole spurs.

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