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Cavibrick Sleeves (2 brick sleeve)

Available in 1 variation
  • Black polypropylene.
  • Length 300mm.
  • Special lengths to order.
  • Fold-flat design minimises storage space.
£4.76 + VAT



(2 brick sleeve 150mm x 225mm) Sleeve attachments to provide ventilation to specific areas.


A range of straight sleeves to accommodate one, two or three cavibricks. (High throughput cavibricks are designed to be used singularly or can be locked together to form larger brick-sized ventilating units.) When connected to a cavibrick the combined length is sufficient to accommodate all popular cavity wall widths. The three standard straight sleeves are: 75mm x 225mm, 150mm x 225mm and 225mm x 225mm. We recommend sleeves are protected with a cavitray where they pass through the cavity, to comply with NHBC/best practice. (See Sleeve and Duct Cavitrays.)


  • Black polypropylene.
  • Length 300mm.
  • Special lengths to order.
  • 75mm x 225mm
  • 150 x 225mm
  • 225mm x 225mm
  • Fold-flat design minimises storage space.
  • Packed in boxes containing 50 number.
  • Smaller quantities available.
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