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Welcome to our range of building ventilation products by leading manufacturers.

We have products to satisfy the ventilation requirements demanded in the construction of roofs, walls and floors. Products appropriate for new and existing structures are available.

Ventilation to negate the effects of condensation in roofs, walls and floors is necessary to comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations and British Standards. Please scroll down the products to appreciate the range avaiable. Data is included to help provide guidance in your selection.


Type W Type W
£0.56 + VAT
Dual-function product acts as a cavity ventilator permitting the cavity to breathe.Also acts as a weep to evacuate water from lintels, DPC's and Cavity...
Type W Extension Duct Type W Extension Duct
£0.99 + VAT
To extend Type W to accommodate masonry of greater thickness. Introduction The Type W extension duct is designed to push-fit onto the Type W Caviweep/Cavivent.It...
Type W Render Cover Type W Render Cover
£11.03 + VAT
Protective front cover to protect grille of Type W during single or two-coat rendering. Introduction The Type W caviweep/cavivent is sometimes...
Ventilation Packs Ventilation Packs
£7.17 + VAT
Provide ventilation to habitable rooms. Also air ventilation for areas in which boilers are enclosed. Introduction A total of three packs, each...