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Welcome to our range of building ventilation products by leading manufacturers.

We have products to satisfy the ventilation requirements demanded in the construction of roofs, walls and floors. Products appropriate for new and existing structures are available.

Ventilation to negate the effects of condensation in roofs, walls and floors is necessary to comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations and British Standards. Please scroll down the products to appreciate the range avaiable. Data is included to help provide guidance in your selection.


Sleeve and Duct Cavitray Sleeve and Duct Cavitray
£0.64 + VAT
Preformed trays to protect sleeves and ducts where they pass through a cavity wall. Introduction Where a straight or cranked sleeve/duct passes...
Three-in-one Roof Ventilation Kit Three-in-one Roof Ventilation Kit
£21.38 + VAT
Pack providing over fascia ventilation, eaves ventilation and felt support. Introduction The three-in-one roof ventilation kit provides an easy...
£0.27 + VAT
To provide airflow in and out of roof space via the soffit board. Suitable for introduction into existing soffit boards to fulfil airflow requirements....
Type CSV Type CSV
£0.27 + VAT
Circular Soffit Ventilators with louvres, for new and existing work. Ventilators promote the entry of air into the roof space. Introduction The...
Type CV Corbel Ventilator Type CV Corbel Ventilator
£5.46 + VAT
To provide air ventilation at eaves level, where a running masonry corbel is constructed. Introduction The Type CV Corbel Ventilator is designed...
Type ECF Type ECF
£0.49 + VAT
To provide ventilating infill whilst preventing entry of birds under contoured roof finishes. Introduction The eaves comb filler is manufactured...
Type EROV 400 (Eaves Roll Out Ventilator) Type EROV 400 (Eaves Roll Out Ventilator)
£83.35 + VAT
Permits entry of air via eaves. Introduction The eaves roll-out ventilator is manufactured in PVCU. The cross corrugations permit this product...
Type ERV Type ERV
£69.03 + VAT
To provide ventilation within flat and low pitched roofs. Introduction The Type ERV External Roof Ventilator is designed to permit the roof void...
£2.59 + VAT
Permits entry of air into the roof space via eaves. Introduction Preformed ventilator with flyscreen. For use between open eaves, without soffits....