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Welcome to our range of damp proofing products by leading manufacturers.

This section covers damp courses, cavity trays, flashings, weeps, and most cavity wall applications requiring damp control provision.

If you cannot see what you are after please let us know as our range extends beyond the products shown. Alternatively, if you have a non-standard or bespoke application please use the suggested links.

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Damp Proofing

Type F Corrugated Flashing Type F Corrugated Flashing
£3.70 + VAT
Corrugated flashing suitable for use with plastic roof sheets only. Introduction The new Type F corrugated flashing units can be used on porches,...
Type G Cavitray Type G Cavitray
£14.25 + VAT
Provides reliable DPC system for general purpose applications including changes of level, diaphragm walls, porch and garage roof intersections, building...
Type J DPC Support and Closer Type J DPC Support and Closer
£13.50 + VAT
Provides DPC support and closes cavity under parapet copings. Also provides means of closing cavity in open eaves and other eaves details. Introduction Parapet...
Type K Circular Cavitray Type K Circular Cavitray
£99.27 + VAT
Cavitray damp course for circular windows. Introduction The Type K cavitray is manufactured from solid DPC and is supplied in one piece ready...
Type L Lintel Stopends Type L Lintel Stopends
£0.77 + VAT
Lintel stopends for use at the ends of most popular DPC steel lintels/damp courses/trays. Now recommended by N.H.B.C. Introduction The use of...
Type M Cavitray Type M Cavitray
£6.89 + VAT
Preformed cavitray for use over standard meter boxes (gas or electricity). Introduction The Type M cavitray provides horizontal protection against...
Type P Cavitray Type P Cavitray
£29.57 + VAT
To weatherproof parapet walls. Introduction The Type P cavitray is a rigid horizontal DPC, manufactured in long lengths. Preformed angles enable...
Type Q Arresting Barriers Type Q Arresting Barriers
£15.29 + VAT
Pre-shaped DPC barriers to arrest water-wash within cavity wall to specific areas or features. Introduction The function of Type Q barriers is...
Type R Cavitray Type R Cavitray
£22.63 + VAT
Integral shuttering tray/water check former. Also suitable for closing cavities. Introduction The Type R is a two-function cavitray. When intermediate...