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Welcome to our range of damp proofing products by leading manufacturers.

This section covers damp courses, cavity trays, flashings, weeps, and most cavity wall applications requiring damp control provision.

If you cannot see what you are after please let us know as our range extends beyond the products shown. Alternatively, if you have a non-standard or bespoke application please use the suggested links.

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Damp Proofing

Pyramid Weep Pyramid Weep
£0.29 + VAT
The Pyramid Weep is a small robust triangular conduit offering discreet and unobtrusive water evacuation. Positioning the Pyramid Weep so it 'peaks'...
Small Weepvent Small Weepvent
£0.60 + VAT
To weep via a perp joint. Introduction The small adjustable weep is telescopic and adjusts to accommodate external skins built of different...
Type B Vertical DPC Cavitray Type B Vertical DPC Cavitray
£6.02 + VAT
Provides vertical DPC element to existing cavity wall. Introduction The Type B semi-rigid vertical cavitray may be introduced into the existing...
Type BA Cavity Barrier Arch Type BA Cavity Barrier Arch
Provides a moulded DPC barrier only for arches, thus permitting traditional construction. (Unlike type A/AA which also provide integral guide shuttering.) Introduction The...
Type C Cavitray Type C Cavitray
A range of preformed, ready-shaped DPC cavitrays for use over common openings. Available in profiles to suit proprietary metal lintels, concrete lintels, cast...
Type CD Cavity Dropcloaks Type CD Cavity Dropcloaks
To prevent damp penetration via a masonry feature within an external skin, without envelopment within that skin. Thus structural integrity is unaffected...
Type E Cavitray Type E Cavitray
£5.32 + VAT
To introduce a horizontal DPC at roof intersection level in an outside wall which has become an inside wall, by virtue of an extension being built. Introduction The...
Type F Corrugated Flashing Type F Corrugated Flashing
£3.96 + VAT
Corrugated flashing suitable for use with plastic roof sheets only. Introduction The new Type F corrugated flashing units can be used on porches,...
Type G Cavitray Type G Cavitray
£14.25 + VAT
Provides reliable DPC system for general purpose applications including changes of level, diaphragm walls, porch and garage roof intersections, building...