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Welcome to our range of closer products designed predominately for use with cavity wall construction.

Our range is extensive. We have products offering dpc, fire resistance and acoustic control qualities.

We have closers for all types of cavity closing, from common openings in cavity walls to party wall intersections. We also offer stops, socks and barriers to compartment masonry construction and isolate to achieve separation control.

If you cannot see what you are looking for please let us know as we are agents for bespoke manufacturing of closers and barriers. We can also offer cavity socks and stops in dimensions to suit specific projects.


Cavi120 Type PC Lofthatch Cavi120 Type PC Lofthatch
£169.22 + VAT
Loft access door and frame with accompanying protection against fire. Introduction Two styles of loft hatch are manufactured with a fire integrity...
Cavi240 Type CFIS Cavi240 Type CFIS
£4.42 + VAT
Compressible fire stops for use horizontally in cavity walls. Introduction Cavicheck Fire Integrity Stops are manufactured from rock mineral...
Cavi60 MWR 200 Cavicheck Fire Integrity Stop (Large) Cavi60 MWR 200 Cavicheck Fire Integrity Stop (Large)
£7.89 + VAT
Compressible fire stop for use in cavity walls where the cavity width is up to 200mm wide. Introduction The Cavi 60 prefix signifies a sixty minute...
Cavi60 Type WCA Cavicloser Cavi60 Type WCA Cavicloser
£29.48 + VAT
Insulated cavicloser for cavities from 100mm up to 150mm wide. Offers fire integrity rated protection. Acts as a vertical DPC. Promotes insulation of...
Type D Damp Proof Course Type D Damp Proof Course
£7.30 + VAT
Insulated pre-shaped vertical DPC for use when closing cavity walls in the original manner. The DPC being shaped and secured is always in the correct...
Type FWC Five Width Closer Type FWC Five Width Closer
£107.29 + VAT
Closes cavity walls, insulates and acts as DPC. Introduction FWC stands for Five Width Closer, being the number of different cavity widths accomodated...
Type V Contract Closer Type V Contract Closer
£13.12 + VAT
Closes cavity walls. Insulates reveal and acts as a DPC. Introduction The new Type V Contract Closer provides an economical way of closing cavity...
Type V170 Cavicloser Type V170 Cavicloser
£20.83 + VAT
Solution Based on the Type V design this model is for use in cavities from 100mm to 170mm. The Type V170 is a one-part closer with faceplate featuring...
Type WCA Type WCA
£47.37 + VAT
Insulated closer for wide cavity applications. Introduction WCA stands for wide cavity applications for which this closer is specifically designed....