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Type TAV Type TAV
£2.59 + VAT
Use Provides cranked air-duct route from cavibrick to area at different level. Introduction The Telescopic Adjustable Ventilator extends or...
Gas Reception Sump Gas Reception Sump
£69.42 + VAT
Use The radon sump is a moulded vessel with inhalation apertures that is located under a building. its purpose is to reduce Radon gas pressure by...
Cavibrick Plastic Air Brick Cavibrick Plastic Air Brick
£0.76 + VAT
Use The cavibrick is a high performance plastic air brick ventilator which may be used instead of a conventional air-brick. Introduction Manufactured...
£15.42 + VAT
Use To provide ventilation where flat roofs abut masonry. Introduction The RAV-FL promotes air entry where a flat roof abuts a vertical masonry...